Katie K. Virginia

Future President, Protect Women's Choice

The topic of women's choice to abortion has been hotly debated; some politicians want to take it away, while I believe it should be maintained.

Dear President Clinton: 

Throughout your campaign, you have maintained a strong perspective on abortion policies. As a feminist, I believe it is a woman's choice and hers alone; the government is greatly hindering this process with its overly complicated regulations against abortion clinics. I fully trust you to represent people like myself and push more practical policies through Congress.

In many states, the clinic laws are extremely strict, which limits the number of buildings available for such operations. The environmental shortage also drives the prices of abortions up, leading many women to engage in "back-alley operations," which may greatly endanger their safety. For this I propose two solutions: the government must either amend the clinic restrictions or allow specialized clinic offices in hospitals. By amending the building regulations, it would allow for more abortion clinics in a wide array of locations. By setting up offices in hospitals, much like a specialized medical practitioner, we ensure a safe environment for the operation. Either way, better situations are created for the women in question. 

However, the amendment of building regulations should not affect any health or sanitation laws already in place. Like any professional environment, they will be required to keep clean areas and tools to prevent any infections during or following operations. All instruments must be sterilized and stored in a hygienic manner. The safety of the patient is the most important thing.

I greatly appreciate your consideration of my suggestions. As president, I truly believe you will take the nation in a better direction by listening to the voices of the people. 


an informed citizen

Smithfield High School

SHS AP Lang Blocks 1 & 2

Smithfield High School, AP Language and Composition, 11th grade

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