Isabella D. Oregon

Abortion Laws

Abortion should continue to be safe and legal for all women across America.

Dear future president,

Abortion has always been one of the most controversial topics in America. However, it must be discussed. Ever since I was young, my mother always told me that if it was your body, it was your choice. And that was what I grew up believing- it’s what I still believe. Abortion should continue to stay an open resource for the women who need it. There are many different reasons that a women or family should choose to receive an abortion. And those are very rarely discussed.

Having a child impacts the rest of someone's life. No matter what age. You should be able to decide when you want to have children, because it is such a big deal. Or, you may not want children. You could decide not to have a child because of financial reasons, or your career may not allow the time for it.

There are many pieces of evidence that support abortion. There is evidence supporting the fact that in the first trimester, the fetus does not yet have the ability to feel pain. Another possible reason is that the mother could suffer through many health issues if she does not get the procedure done. Late term abortions take up only 1% of abortion rates, and they are only done if there is something wrong with the child, or continuing to grow the child could cause health problems for the mother.

A woman does not get an abortion to kill a child. She gets an abortion because the circumstances may not be what she needed to care for her child. It can strongly impact the child and the mother if the child was not wanted. Actually, children who are not wanted are more likely to commit crimes. Crime rate has gone down since abortion was legalized it 1970. According to, “The right way to reduce Abortion,” 70,000 women a year die from unsafe, or illegal abortions. Why would we rather save what could be a potential life, when we could save one that is here already?

Many people are against abortion because with 1.5 million people waiting to adopt, there is, “no such thing as an unwanted child.” However, pregnancy and childbirth are some of the most painful things a woman has to endure, especially if the child is unwanted. There are even politicians that have been speaking out on this controversial matter. Donald Trump described abortion as “a child being ripped from their mother's womb.” Ending a pregnancy, for most women, is not a reckless decision. It is meticulously thought out. One woman, who wrote an article sharing her personal experience with this, “In those moments, Trump, who has never been pregnant and presumably has navigated this far in his life without undertaking any difficult, gut-wrenching, gray-area decisions, used my own pain — deep, deep pain — to advance his political agenda.”

There are many different sides and viewpoints to abortion. But it ultimately comes down to your body, your choice. Abortions are not a spur of the moment decision. It is a guarantee that any woman who decided to undergo the procedure has spent hours thinking about if this was really what she wanted to do. I am asking you to make abortions safe and legal for all women around the United States, as this is an issue that is very important to me, and women across America.


Isabella DeGregorio 

Jefferson HS

Jefferson HS Students

10th,11th, and 12th grade students at Jefferson HS in Portland Oregon.

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