Ella B. Oregon

The Importance Of Color

The importance of color is displayed poorly in our country.

Dear Future President,

I don't ask much of you besides the fact that you should take care of us as if actually cared. I want you to do things for us, for our country, not for your own fame. You should be running for us, breaking your back for us, looking out and caring for us. Be there for us no matter the color of our skin, no matter how many decimals are in our bank accounts, no matter our personal backgrounds, no matter what part of town we live in, and now matter what beliefs we take part in. Be there for us, we should love you just as much as the last president. We should be honored, blessed to claim you as our president. I want to be able to claim you, and represent you.

We shouldn't be afraid in our own skin on a daily, don’t make me promises that you can't keep. I don't want to hear the sad explanations, I don't want to hear the “I'm here to fix it” mentality. Actions speak louder than words. We people of color shouldn't be afraid for our lives to walk down the street, or stop at a gas station. I want equality and justice. I want to feel inspired by your speeches, by your mentality. I don't want to see anymore of my brothers and sisters of color getting profiled for their race. I'm tired of seeing our men and women of color becoming hashtags. “We need to listen to one another, as human beings, and try to understand one another’s pain. Empathy is not acknowledging or conceding that the pain and anger others feel is justified. Empathy is acknowledging someone else’s pain and anger while feeling for them as human beings — even, and maybe especially, when we don’t necessarily agree or understand them.” - NY Times

Men of color, people of color are out here dyin on a daily. For what reason exactly? Wallets, Skittles, Arizona’s, cell phones, loud music, shopping at Wal-Mart, toy guns, fail to signal CD’s, busted tail lights? Is this even something to care about anymore? Shouldn't we be numb to this by now? Shouldn't this just be another day, shouldn't we just go about our business? Are these Riots, sit downs, and meetings making an impact on the communities? Should we just quit trying? I'm bringing these problems to your attention because these are the things that hurt the most. These topics aren't just hurting me, but also our nation. It's as if we are going backwards in society.

As president I desire for you to do everything promised. I don't want to see crying families anymore. As president you should want to help all of us enforcing laws such as more police, enforcing stop and frisk isn't going to do any good in the Black community. Caucasian communities aren't getting bombarded with stop and frisk enforcements. As a president I expect you to give the best of your ability, to give your all, and to not give up on us as a union. As a president I expect you to respect all races and backgrounds of all kinds. Honestly and loyalty is crucial to me, as a president of the United States, I expect these things. Your ability and willingness to not give up on America. Let us stand united as a whole, as a nation we should stand united.

The unemployment rates regarding to people of color seem to increase predominantly. As the days go by, we can perceive the fact that it's getting grievous. Unfortunately, racism will never go extinct. Because of the stereotypical references made today about African Americans “All African American women are to be pregnant by the age of 16”. The American mindset seems to think that all African Americans are dumb and motivated by criminal activity. In the view of the fact that these stereotypes are made, black children are 3.5 times more likely to be suspended than white children. 1 out of 3 African Americans will be incarcerated. As a president, you should be willing, determined, and dedicated to turning these statistics around. Help our country improve by making it united again. “I was able to see their heartache and sorrow as parents, as Americans and as human beings.” -NY Times

-sincerely Ella Bradley, Jefferson High School 2016-17

Jefferson HS

Jefferson HS Students

10th,11th, and 12th grade students at Jefferson HS in Portland Oregon.

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