Cole B. Oregon

College Tuition

What we need to do in order to make college education more affordable and accessible to everyone

Dear Mr. or Mrs. president,

In America, college tuitions are on a constant rise in price each year and are causing more and more people to be unable to pay for it or to be forced to take out student loans to pay for it. With this being the case, it stops some Americans from pursuing higher education even if they wish to. According to One Wisconsin Institute, the average bachelor's degree holder takes 21 years to pay off their loans. Having college tuition at such a large price harms the people trying to go to college economically by tying them to years of debt if they can't afford college. Is it okay that people seeking higher education are scared off by the ever increasing price tag of college tuition?

In some countries, like Germany, they have free college for citizens. While this may seem ideal, it comes at the cost of higher taxes towards the citizens. This is not the ideal situation for many people as they already think that some taxes are too high. While free college for all may not be an achievable goal at the moment, we should at least make the effort to reduce cost as much as possible, especially for those who need financial aid and cannot economically afford to take out a student loan. We as a country should come together to make college and higher education more accessible for anyone with an interest in bettering themselves and in turn bettering America.


Cole B.