nicholeyon Oregon


In my letter I talked about homelessness and how they need our help to get someplace in life.

Dear Future President,

The number of homeless people is growing in massive amounts each and every year, but there is no one helping them out. If homelessness gets the attention they need and the funding to help them out, this will lead to a decrease in the amount of homeless people there are around the world, then more of them will find hope to become something more than just being a homeless person.

For example, in Oregon there are 9,867 unsheltered; sheltered is 7,442 and the total amount of homeless people in OR would be 17,309. The same would go for California with 82,352 unsheltered; sheltered 50,777 and the total amount would be 133,129. According to the 2009 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress of the U.S Department of housing and Urban Development. These amounts are large,so this shows that we do not have enough shelters, soup kitchens, and opportunities for the homeless. We as humans have a moral obligation to take care of the ones in need, but our level of homelessness shows that we as humans are not following our morals to help one in need. Look at the homeless as friends who need a hand.

On the other hand, if society came together and became a helpful hand to the homeless, the homeless won't feel as if they are alone. In a recent Washington Post article the author states, “The number of homeless youth is growing, but funding to help them is not,” which shows that the homeless people on an everyday basis,They are in emergency shelters, sleeping on the sidewalks, in abandoned buildings, and in the homes of friends and loved ones; looking or a place to sleep or a bed. This shows that they are suffering. Why can't we all give a helpful hand and help the ones in need? By coming together, we could build shelters; the clothes that you don't wear anymore Could be given to the less fortunate; the food in your cabinets that doesn't get touched and gets shoved to the back, take it and bring it to a homeless shelter. Every step is a step in the right way to improve their lives. They shouldn't be punished for the fault of being in misfortune.

As a law in some states, the homeless are not allowed to “camp.”.They are not legally allowed to sleep in public areas. Why is it not legal for the homeless to camp in public areas Even though there is no space left in the shelters? This is absurd because not every homeless person can go to a shelter and get the warmth, safety and food that they need. A lot of homeless people are denied of being able to go live in the shelters around the world because of their health problems, pets, and mental illness. These laws are preventing the homeless from becoming more than just being a “homeless person.” Yes, there are limits to this, but these laws go against some of our moral righteousness. What about our moral belief in always helping the ones who are less fortunate than us? The homeless need the helping hand, they don't need to feel threatened or unsafe.

Oregon and California have a massive amount of homeless people.This problem needs to be fixed for them and for us. If the homeless got off the streets and had a place to go, then maybe our world would be a better place, and not just in looks, or a cleaner society, but knowing that the society has come together as one to help those in need. In addition, let's strive to lower the rates of homelessness. It could be a good deed for the people that have tried in this world but just couldn't.

Sincerely, Nichole Yon