AnnaGrace Louisiana

Illegal Immigration

Letter to the president arguing that illegal immigration is unconstitutional and morally wrong

November 9, 2016

Dear Future President,

Do you lock your doors before going to bed? Is it because you hate all living outside of your walls or because you want to protect your beloved family and belongings? The majority of people lock their doors for protection. We need to lock the doors of our country in order to protect the hard working American people. This exceptional nation is a nation of immigrants. Legal immigrants that is. In 1607, Jamestown, Virginia was founded by a group of British people in hopes for a better life, thus the idea of the American dream was created. A dream, offered to everyone, that will live on forever. Here in America, we welcome immigrants with open arms. However, allowing nearly twelve million people to cut the line and enter illegally is unconstitutional and unfair to those who are willing to work for the gift of United States citizenship.

As previously stated, there are nearly twelve million illegal immigrants living here. Out of these twelve million, 8 million hold jobs. These eight million jobs should be going to Americans. Now I understand whole-heartedly that these people deserve jobs to provide for their families, but we need to put Americans first. On November 6, 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act. This law punished employers who hired undocumented immigrants. President Reagan put these unauthorized immigrants on a path to eventual citizenship. The key word being eventual. This plan exemplified justice. This plan put Americans first but also had the illegal immigrants’ best interest at heart. So why is our executive branch not enforcing this law? Despite what people may think, it is not inhumane to enforce laws. No matter how good their intentions may be, their actions, nonetheless, are illegal, and our constitutional laws must be enforced.

Out of these twelve million line cutters, two million of them have a criminal record. They account for nearly 13 percent of all crimes in America. These crimes include rape, robbery, murder, and more. I am concerned for my safety. I am concerned for my family and friend’s safety. I am concerned for my country’s safety. The problem is, our Democrat filled government is more concerned about getting illegal immigrant’s votes than the safety of the American people. The Democrats are using these naive illegals as a Trojan horse. Although illegal, democratic leaders are allowing illegal aliens to vote in order to sabotage the republican party. Our previous president's administration has established a call to foreigners. This call is begging them to come to our country so democrats can earn more votes. This call is begging them to come to our country as a source of cheap labor. This call represents the idea of globalization rather than Americanism. These foreigners, hearing this desperate call, are illegally coming into our country, and they are coming in larger numbers than ever before. They are obtaining drivers licenses and tax credits, while hard working people like my mother and father are giving their tax dollars to the government in order for undocumented people to receive benefits such as Obamacare. These men and women are costing tax payers nearly 113 million dollars year. 113 million dollars a year!

Allowing these people, who have violated our laws, to earn an immediate pathway to citizenship is completely wrong and unfair to those who trying to earn citizenship legally. If illegals are put on the fast track to citizenship, our government would be overlooking the supreme law of the land, the constitution. People fought the perilous fight in order for us to have freedom, the freedom boldly engraved in the constitution. Just because I believe justice needs to be served, actions need to be taken, and illegals need to be punished, does not mean I am inhumane, racist, and disrespectful. It means that I am hopeful that these men and women can eventually become legal citizens. It means I value constitution. Most importantly, it means I have one loyalty, and that loyalty is to the American people.

Sincerely and God Bless,



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