Brayden Texas

Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigrants are getting out of control day by day. They should be stopped.

     Hi, I'm a 14 year old student. I would just like to say good job on winning this years election. but the point I'm getting to is that illegal immigrants are getting across the border everyday. They should be stopped because we don't want people that aren't citizens living in our country. Maybe they just want to have the freedom we have or have the same rights as us,  but either way they should not be allowed to even be able to get across the border. I don't know how they keep getting over, but I think it should stop. I know they don't have a lot of money where they are, but still they should wait a little more time to where they have enough money to buy a border pass and get across freely. I would surely want to not get caught and have to go to jail or even get caught on someones land and get shot. That's my opinion about Immigrants coming across the border.  I promise you that if you would do something about it, it could at least bring the rate of illegal immigrants down. Thank You.