Paige M. California

Border controls are 100% necessary

American borders need to be watched more, and not let illegal aliens come over and doing nothing but hurt American families that pay taxes.

My name is Paige, I am in eighth grade and I am speaking out to you hoping you can help America become great and safe again. I feel very strongly about keeping illegal immigrants out of America unless they have the desire to become legal citizens and help contribute to the good of this country. I hope you agree with me and see that people as young as I am have opinions and care about the more pertinent problems in America right now.

Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to stay in America for free because other cultures flooding into America is destroying the American culture and society, and also people benefiting from a source should be contributing to that source.

Other cultures flooding into America is destroying the american culture and society because the more cultures that come into america will cause the american culture to be less popular around the country. Other cultures such as the Mexican culture is brought over by many people, some of which become legal citizens some of which do not. About 66% of illegal immigrants have been in the U.S. for 10 or more years and 52% of all illegal immigrants were from Mexico in the year of 2014. So if about half of illegal immigrants are coming over from Mexico which is a third world country, and will most likely bring their third world culture with them, then this will cause America to turn into a third world country. Especially if we do nothing to help protect America’s borders, and we also can’t invite people to come to America because they will come and not become citizens. Terrorists are using the Mexican border as a gateway to come into the american border because of America’s lack of border control and enforcement and they know they can get through the American borders. As more and more people from other countries which include China, middle eastern countries, central, and south american countries come with no desire to be an american citizen or adapt to the american culture, the more America will start loosing its own culture, and identity.

People benefiting from a source should be contributing to that source because you have to work for what you get. Each year illegal immigrants cost California taxpayers alone $25.3 billion between education, health care, law enforcement, and social and government service costs. In the late 1700’s when American colonists were fighting against the british to become a separate country, the British king made american colonists house british soldiers and were forced to pay for the soldier’s food, clothing, bedding, etc. This situation is similar to the one California taxpayers and other taxpayers around the country are facing. The situation is very similar but modernized, and the only difference is the illegal immigrants do not live in American’s homes but live in their country. Each house headed by a U.S. taxpayer will pay $2,370 for each U.S born child’s education of an illegal immigrant. 

People from other cultures coming into america is good because it allows us to learn about other cultures and make the country more diverse. Learning about new cultures allows you to think about life in different ways and learn new things. This is great for young children to be exposed to other cultures and start thinking in new ways early on so they have a growth mindset.

In conclusion, we need to enforce America’s border and who gets let across and what their intentions are. They might be trying to help their families and looking a better life for their children but they still need to become citizens and go through the process that so many other people already have and are here legally. Thank you for taking time to read this and I hope you really take time to think about this issue, and the well being of America.



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