Austin G. Louisiana

Plan for Taxes

I am a 16 year old from Louisiana who is concerned about the current plan for taxes.

Dear Mr. President;

I am a junior at Saint Thomas More Catholic High School in Lafayette, Louisiana, who is very concerned with the current and future tax plans. Hear me out, Mr. President, as I know you are very opposed to heavy taxes on the wealthy; although, while I do agree with this, there are things I think can be changed. One of the arguments presented is that more money in the government will lead to more money for government programs, which will help the economy. Another being that people of lower income should pay lower taxes, so they have more money for essentials.

I believe that government programs are good for some people; however, not everyone benefits substantially from them. There are many great programs that are funded by the government. For example, the new and exciting car company called Tesla is breaking onto the scene of eco-friendly electrically powered cars. They are able to put out these amazing products on the market for such a low price because of many generous grants they have received from the U.S. government. However, I believe that with a few more years of research Tesla could have done this on their own, teaching the company to not have to rely on government funding for research. On the other hand, our government has been notoriously bad when it comes to handling our national credit card. There have been billions of dollars misplaced in deals with the Iraqi government. Wasteful cases like these are why I believe that our government doesn’t need any more money to throw around; instead they should start adding it to a piggy bank for national debt. Would you want the U.S. Government in control of your bank account? I wouldn’t!

The Democrats also propose another tax cut for the people of lower incomes. They suggest that they should have to pay very little in taxes so they can use the little money that they do have on the necessities in life. Even though this does sound like a good idea, but the low income citizens are not regulated on what their money is spent on. This could lead to impoverished people spending money on things that aren't necessarily essential; for their financial well-being, for their health, for their future. If there was a way to regulate their spending to limit it to the essentials for a healthy living, then the obesity rate may go down. Many impoverished people spend their money on cheap food, which is also unhealthy, causing them to become obese and ill. All of these factors can lead them to being unemployable. Therefore, I believe that tax cuts on the poor aren’t a bad idea, as long as we know that their money is being well spent.

To conclude, I have varying opinions, some in line with yours, and some not. Of course, there will be some flaws, and probably some constitutional conflict with my ideas and theories, but I would very much appreciate it if you would consider these policies. Thank you very much, Mr. President, for reading and considering my ideas for changing the tax plan. God bless you and may you have a prosperous term in office.


Austin G.


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