Rachel H. Montana

A Healthy Argument About Healthcare

Healthcare in America.

To our President,

Hello, my name is Rachel. I am an 18 year old physically disabled young woman. Fortunately for me, I have always had the privilege of health insurance. I have never in my short life of 18 years had to worry about not being able to go to a hospital. I have never had to walk on a broken leg or pray to god my sore throat isn’t strep. However this is some people's reality. I remember growing up friends would just put a bandaid on it and take some aspirin for things like broken ankles and dislocated shoulders. One friend of mine isn't able to go to the dentist.

When I think of America, I think of liberty and freedom, of justice and equal opportunity and health. Growing up I always saw commercials telling kids to go outside or eat their vegetables. As a country that stresses overall health, how is it that 29 million Americans still aren't insured? Think about that. That's about 1 in 10 Americans. Think about the children. They should not suffer the consequences of their parents income. Children are our future. How can you have a future without a clean bill of health? Heck, how can you have a future without any bill of health?

So straight to the point, here's what I propose. I propose a healthcare plan for the whole country, modeled after the United Kingdom's healthcare service. This service provides healthcare to all residents of the UK that is free for the public and paid for from taxation. I know Americans don't like doing things like other countries. We consider that Unamerican. It also doesn't help that this comes from a country we fought for our independence. Americans also dislike tax increases. We don’t like taxes in general. But think about this, how many people would be healthy and happy? How many children's lives would we save? How many veterans would get the physical and mental care they deserve after fighting for our country? The UK was ranked as the best healthcare in the world as of 2014. Don’t you want that for our citizens? Our Veterans? Our children? We want to be the best. Why not start with healthcare?

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TE - Billings, MT

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