Rayquan E. Montana

Helping the Homeless

Homeless shelters being able to help those in need can benefit the business and the person they are helping.

Dear future Miss or Mister president, Homeless shelters are requiring people to pay who are struggling and having difficulties finding a warm safe place to stay. I understand nothing is technically free but if you look at the big picture the homeless number is rising. More and more people, probably because they can’t afford to stay in a home because the lack of money, are on the streets trying to survive daily.

There are a number of things that can be changed to help reduce the number of homeless people on the streets. Prices of staying at a shelter could be reduced just, the owner of the homeless shelters can provide a couple free nights so someone in need can figure out what they can do next to survive another day, help them out by suggesting opportunities that will benefit them, certain shelters can communicate with each other and figure out plans to reach out and help.

For example, one shelter can offer free stay one night of the week and the other a different night, they will still be making money from the people who can afford it but in the end they will be helping another person who needs it. There are many ups and downs with doing so but in the end, that may have saved someone’s life by taking that risk. There are ways homeless shelters are probably providing ways to help and maybe they aren’t but there is always room to help someone in desperate need.

I understand the people who are homeless put themselves in that situation, maybe they didn’t, but they are still human and should not be forgotten about. There should be more opportunities to help out because there are only a handful people who are interested in creating something that will benefit themselves and the homeless. If things don’t change because it will not benefit the shelters then that is their decision, deep down it is the right thing to do because everyday I see more and more homeless people on the streets. Homeless shelters should look into making changes to benefit their business and themselves. At the end of the day everyone is human.

Sincerely, Rayquan E, 18, Billings MT


Billings Public Library

TA - Billings, MT

TA - Billings, MT

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