Audrey C. Ohio

Saving Syrian Refugees

Syrians are being tortured, and we can save them. If we only let the refugees into our country, and provide them with necessities such as food and water, we are giving them a second shot at a happy life. It is included in our American values to help people in need. We are all human and it's our duty to take care of each other, no matter our ethnicity.

Dear Next President:

Barack Obama once said, “American leadership is us caring about people who have been forgotten or who have been discriminated against or who’ve been tortured or who’ve been subject to unspeakable violence or who’ve been separated from families at very young ages. That’s when we’re the shining light on the hill.” Syrian refugees are seeking safety and security and our country can help if we let only them in.

Innocent people are being refused the safety of our country, and they are being sent back to the war and suffering that they are trying to seek refuge from. 6 million refugees are displaced within Syria. 6 million people we could help. I definitely think that you should help these people live better lives and I know that if you only let them in, you would be helping them tremendously.

I believe that saving these suffering Syrian refugees is important to our American values. As you know, we need to help people and not let terrorists throw away our values. Some of the terrorists that the refugees are running from are threatening us as well, therefore not helping the refugees would be cruel. Although, some of the refugees could cause problems, odds are we’re just keeping out innocent people who need help. If you agreed to help the refugees it would show the country that you want to help people in need. You need to remind everyone that if it wasn’t for immigrants, many of us wouldn’t be here and that it is our moral obligation to help these people.

Also, letting these refugees in will make the US safer because we will gain allies against ISIS. If we turn them away, these refugees may end up with the very people they were running away from. I strongly believe that this cause should be supported, and that these refugees should definitely be let into the safehold of the the land of the free. At least for me, people value helping others and you could show them that you do as well by letting these people in and persuading people to donate things to give the refugees clothes and food, so that they may survive in our country.

I really hope that you will consider helping the Syrian refugees by letting them in and providing necessities for them as well as persuading people to help. There is so much you could do for these suffering people to give them a second shot at a happy life.



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