Briana G. Montana

Taking a Shot at Gun Control

My letter is about gun rights. It argues against gun control and gives alternate solutions. It also states why guns are important to Americans.

19 October, 2016

Dear Mrs./ Mr. President,

I am from Montana and have a very important issue that concerns us all: gun rights. The people of America have the right to bear arms. This right is essential to citizens living in states where recreational outdoor activities are a part of everyday life. Guns are used to hunt, which provides healthy food for local families. Open range animals, like the ones in Montana, are grass fed and have meat that is better for the human body than meat from grain fed animals. Guns are also used for protection. A person who lives in a rural part of the state might not have many human neighbors, but they still have predators. There are bears, wolves, mountain lions, coyotes, and many more dangerous beasts lurking around. These animals can be a threat to personal safety, as well as to the safety of livestock. A farmer may use a gun to kill a mountain lion that is attacking his sheep or is going to attack him. Guns are used to protect as well as to help provide nutritious food. Guns are a necessity.

On the other hand, shootings have become common in America. There have been multiple shootings in schools and other public places. Regulating the sale and possession of guns may make it harder for shooters to obtain their weapons. There have also been a fair number of gun related accidents. These accidents have included innocent adults as well as children. Guns have also been involved in suicides. The regulation of guns may help stop some of these incidents, but these events would ultimately still take place. If a criminal wants to go and shoot someone, then they will find a way to posses a gun. That gun will most likely not be theirs. Gun related accidents are also not the guns fault; it is the fault of the gun owner for leaving their gun loaded and not in a safe place. Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. It is the person that loads the gun, aims the gun, and ultimately pulls the trigger. Putting a restriction on guns would not stop people who want to misuse a gun from obtaining one.

There are many alternate solutions to help stop people with misguided intentions from getting guns. One option is the gun seller should be required to run a background check on the client. This may help reduce the number of criminals obtaining guns from legitimate sellers. Another option may be for sellers to have safes for sale next to the guns. This may encourage people to buy a safe for storing their guns. Putting your gun in a safe reduces the risk of it getting in the wrong hands. There is no need to punish the whole country for the actions of a few. Guns are essential. Owning a gun is a way of life and is part of the American culture. There are many other ways, besides gun control, that could help solve the problem of gun violence in America.


     Briana G.

     Billings, Montana

Billings Public Library

TE - Billings, MT

TE - Billings, MT

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