Hannah Montana

College Tuition: Too high or just right?

In todays society, college is kind of looked at as mandatory. But, how can someone attend their dream college with no money to put into their tuition?

Dear Future President,

This issue I wish I could change in society is the cost of education. I feel as if this is an issue I can talk about only because it relates to me at the moment. Getting closer to graduation day, I’m trying to save up money for college. My parents aren’t going to make me pay for all of my tuition, but they’re definitely not going to let me off easy.

What I believe is symptoms to this problem is low wages for families, poor income, lack of education (no scholarship), co-dependance on parents, student debt.

I think the root causes of this problem is that higher tuition is rising for the colleges’ sake. The students’ tuition is going toward things like bigger sports areas, the conducting for more research, and/or paying faculty more. What is happening? The students are getting cost shifts from the government. And, at public universities and colleges, the story is that mostly that states have cut higher education funding, and schools are making up for it with increased tuition.

I, personally, won’t be getting a scholarship in anything and my family will have problems helping me pay for college. In conclusion, I won’t feel like i’m getting my life started the way i’ve dreamed since i’ve been little.

Anyone going through hardship or families in poverty but want an education and a positive outlook on their children’s lives can easily be affected. Knowing that thousands of families won’t be able to ever get an education because of cost, should say something.

I think more people should care about this issue because it lures students away from something that can change their lives forever. It’s just sad because it’s like they're missing a great opportunity to better themselves, their future children/families, and their future as well.

To sum everything up, I can’t personally make a difference for myself as graduation is coming up fast, but what I can do is work as hard and as much as I can to make my dreams come true. I just wish there was something like a donation or an organization to the people who can’t afford things like colleges that have a big impact on someone or something, but it starts with one. It starts with one person to change the world and make a difference. That’s my call to action.

Sincerely, Hannah D

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