Alexander N. Montana

Together as a Country

There are many important issues involving our country currently. So why don't we work together and solve these issues one at a time.

October 19th, 2016

Dear Sir or Madam President,

There are currently plenty of things wrong in our country, and I believe that they are all equally important. Some of the biggest issues include: the judicial system, gun violence, terrorism, war, oil, global warming, our national debt, college tuition, educational funding, the homeless problem, foreign policy, health care, and that’s just the beginning. I’m sure that each of these topics -as well as many other topics- have been covered by many other students, so i won’t get into any details. While it may seem that one issue is larger than the rest, they are all still issues and must be handled properly, so try not to focus on one more than the others.

I hate to see our country in the state it is in, while it is not awful and in fact better than most other countries, it is a shame to see all the progress we’ve made be discarded. This battle of one party over the others, one makes a change and the other changes it back. Nothing can get done in our country when we have congress fighting the President over every new proposal, and vice versa. Why don’t we instead work together as a country, let’s all try to get along, and hopefully get something done for once.

I would really like to see how you would handle the issues I brought up earlier. While we can’t just focus on one issue more than the others, we must only focus on one at a time. Listen to the people, read their letters, and start with the issue that bothers the most people; It would be really impressive if you responded to each individual letter addressing every issue presented, even in the broadest sense. If you do listen to your country and follow up on your promises, then you could make a great president.


Alexander N

Billings, MT