Gabrielle O. Pennsylvania

Gender Inequality

Gender Inequality is how women are not treated as professionally or as privelliged as men. Women are strong, independent, and worked hard for there earned rights.

                                                                                                                              November 2 , 2016

Dear Future President,

Gender inequality is how women are not treated as equal as men. Most women are stay at home moms but women have a lot more diversities then you think. Most people assume girls and women are not strong, and just there for pleasure but, God created women for a reason.

All of the women in the United States of America are as strong as men. Women are very strong and powerful. Some women have gone to the Olympics, fought cancer, and supported a family own their own. About 40,450 women are fighting for their life to survive breast cancer. My Mother is fighting an illness called vertigo. It all started when my whole family got the flu, three years ago. My mom started to get nauseous, became dizzy, and was not able to walk or get out of her bed. My whole family was so scared and worried for her future. Vertigo affected my sisters and I. We did all the chores around my house. My Mom will always be affected by vertigo and it has affected my family majorly. The women in the 2016 Rio Olympics are the most successful women in the world. The women in the Olympics won 58 medals but the men only won 45 medals. That was the first time that the women won more medals then the men in the Olympics. Also the women in our country have to be strong and support their families even if they get a divorce. Every year 1,000 people get a divorce, the mothers have to get a successful job so they can pay for their child’s education.

Women's rights have changed majorly over the years. About 96 years ago women could not have a say on who their new president would be. All women should believe in their rights that they worked hard for. The women fought for many years to get equality. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were two very important women in the women’s rights movement. If women did not protest for their rights in the 1900’s women would not be able to vote today. Malala was also a children's right activist. She helped the girls in Pakistan be able to go to school. Malala is a children's rights activist. Women have most of the same rights as men but they are not treated as professionally as men.

People in the United States can help change gender inequality so women and men can become equal. Women can persuade younger girls in the new generation to receive college degrees and achieve amazing grades. Also, people can protest about how women's wages are sometimes lower than men. The Today Show also mentions that the products women need are more expensive than men’s products. All women and men should be treated equally in the United States of America.

To conclude, I believe women are strong, independent, and should be happy for their rights they have       achieved. Even though women have most of the same opportunities as men people should still have to treat women professionally and equally. Please help us, next President, with Gender Inequality.


                                                                                                                                                        Gabrielle O 

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