Albert P. New York

Gender Equality

Gender Equality is the greatest issue America is facing today because women aren't getting paid the minimum wage and they are doing the same jobs as men.

Dear Next President,

The greatest issue America is facing today is gender equality because women are earning less than man.According to paragraph 6 page 2 it states “Women earn less than men across our economy and women of color often lose out the most.We should promote pay transparency across the economy and work to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act a bill Hillary introduced as senator to give women the tools they need to fight discrimination in the workforce.”I think everyone should be getting paid the same amount of money no matter if they are a women.Many women are not treated the same.What can be done to solve this is pay everyone the same amount of money doesn’t matter if they are male or female.

According to paragraph 5 page 2 “Women represent nearly two-thirds of all minimum wage will help close the gender pay gap,lift millions of women out of poverty, and have a ripple effect across our economy.”I think if Hillary increases the minimum wage for women then there would be less women in poverty.Women earn less,but still do the same job as men do and that isn't fair even if they are doing different jobs they would still need to get paid the same so it could be fair for both genders.“When she was pregnant, Peggy Young, a former driver at UPS, requested an adjustment to her workload, per her doctor’s recommendations. The company refused and put her on unpaid leave, citing her inability to lift the 70 pounds required of her in the job description, and she ultimately sued. In March, the Supreme Court decided in Young’s favor on the grounds that UPS, which makes special accommodations for others with specific health conditions, needed to make comparable ones for pregnant women that enable them to continue working.This was found at

This isn't fair a women that is pregnant can't work and she want to get paid for the days she is not going,but UPS doesn't want to pay her.To make this even worse she was pregnant,the UPS company didn’t even want to pay her for not going.If it was a men the UPS company will probably pay him for not going to work,but since it’s a women they won’t do it.Another solution that would help women is when there is a women that can’t work or is pregnant they should get paid for not going to work.

In conclusion,I think gender equality is the greatest issue America is facing today.Everyone should get paid the same no matter their gender.Many women are in poverty because they don’t earn the minimum wage,but they do the same jobs as men so why are they getting paid less they should be getting paid the same.Even if women are doing a different job they are still working as hard as men are too.


Albert Pena