Alexandra T. Pennsylvania

Gun Control in the U.S

Gun control is a big problem in U.S today, we need to find a solution to fix it.

Dear Next President,

Nearly 10,000 Americans die or are injured every year by gun violence. There are too many school and public shootings in our country today. Some of the problems about gun control are school shootings, anyone can purchase a gun, and guns are being used to solve problems that don't need guns to be involved. A few ways to decrease gun control are by making guns more expensive and having more regulations.

One way that we can try to make gun control more prominent is my making guns more expensive. People of the U.S buy guns for their safety, but some people buy guns and use them for the wrong reasons. A simple shotgun can range in price from $350-$600, that's a lot of money but anyone can purchase a gun if they have that kind of money, or if they save up to buy one. If guns cost $1000-$3000 it would not be as common for people to own guns in their homes.

The last way that we can decrease shootings is by making regulations harder and making people have more regulations to be allowed to own a gun. In some areas of the United States you do not need permits to own or purchase a gun. If you do not have permits to buy guns, kids and young adults could buy guns and bring them to school and shoot whoever they want because it's their gun. Some of the regulations of having a gun could be age, job, criminal background, and a reason why to own the gun.

Some solutions to gun violence are by simply increasing the prices and to have a more regulations to own guns. We could take a survey to see what most of the people in the US think about guns, and why or why not people should have them in their homes. You can raise the prices and make people have more regulations by talking to the government, and saying why we need to increase prices, and why we need to have more permits.

In conclusion, guns are harming so many people in our country today, and we need to stop this madness. We can prevent this from happening so much by making gun sales go up in price, and by making people have more permits to own a gun. I believe that gun violence is a big problem in the U.S and too many people are getting killed each year. Just by preventing a few people to have guns, we can save many American lives.


Alexandra T.