Arnold N. California

Gender Equality

Why are women treated differently?

     Dear President Donald Trump,

     The Declaration of Independence heavily influenced the way America was founded. It states, "...all men are created equal , that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights..." However, it does not include the rights of women. I had a thought; if all men are "equal", why not women? Even if this should be so, most of society do not give women the equality they deserve. 

     Gender inequality against women stems from the belief that men are superior to women. This has resulted in females being viewed as weak and insignificant. Women are equal to men in all shapes and forms. There is no reason to view women as the less dominant gender, as they go through vast amounts of pain to give birth to men like you, yet you disregard their rights. Don't judge them based on how you were raised, but who they are, not what. Every single person on Earth is equal, whether they're African American or a female Asian. 

     Anyway, back on topic. A way to reinforce this truth is to first balance female paychecks. According to various studies, women earned $0.80 for ever dollar earned by men, in virtually every job with the same effort. That's a twenty percent wage gap. If this slow rate continues, it'll take 44 years until women will reach pay parity. This wage gap shouldn't even exist. In middle skill occupations, workers in jobs mainly done by women earn only sixty six percent of workers in jobs mainly done by men.

     Speaking of occupations, it seems natural to think that if people of all races and genders , if educated, have the same odds of receiving a high paying job, correct? Somehow, this isn't true. women, even if they have the same circumstances and education as men, when applying for the same job, the men are first priority. If the persons applying for a job have the same education as the other applicants, they need to have the same chances at getting that job.

     There are many ways for you to restore gender equality. It's up to you to reverse the damage caused over the generations. Of course, it's your decision if you want to or not. But, it'll lead to a better economy, happier citizens, and most importantly, a better America.

Sending good fortune,

Arnold P.

P.S I hope you aren't going to let the term "PRESIDENT" get over your head. Stay sensible.

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