BARBARA Pennsylvania

High Education to non-citizens

Everyone should have opportunities to have an education.

October, 2016

Sir/Madame President,

I’m here to talk about one of the most difficult issues inside the education to immigrants, which is college to undocumented students. According to The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) there are approximately 11.4 million unauthorized people living in the US and I represent one of these people.

Our country is one of the most popular countries in the world when we talk about education and also immigration. Every year millions of students graduate from an United States high school, majority of these students are illegal immigrants and they don’t have financial condition to pay for college. These students came from different places in the world, and they have to work everyday to help their families and themselves. Even if there are some suitable laws, it is difficult to be paying for colleges because each year the price of the education is getting more expensive and they can’t afford it.

The immigrant population inside U.S is 13% of the population, and some of these people are still in high school. Every year undocumented students graduated in high school, but most part of them face legal and financial barriers to higher education, as college tuition and financial aid. These students work hard every single day to help their families, even so they don’t have enough money to pay a good college, because the average cost of college is very high for a middle class family. In my opinion these kids should have some help from the government and they should have the same opportunity that everyone because we are all the same doesn’t matter who you are.

Every year when an undocumented student graduates from high school they face many challenges and different experience to have a good education, including have to work to pay for their future. Since 2001 states have passing laws to help these students get into a college or university. Currently 18 states allow in-state tuition rates to undocumented students and federal and state laws don't require the students to be citizens. However, it is just a small part of these students that get in, and the ones that accepted don’t feel that they are fitting into the community.

There are many things that are issues to undocumented students but the price of college are the most difficult. The price of education is getting expensive every year, and with that the college admissions. Students try to do their best to get scholarships, the most part of them work hard during their high school to get good grades. However, they are afraid of when finish high school they do not have an option and have to work at places that they don’t need a degree, then they would be able to support their family in a little quantity.

These kids are good people I’m one of them, we came from different places in the world, places that maybe the life isn’t good enough than here. We came to here to have a better life, to have a chance to become someone else, to have a good future to us and our families. We don’t have enough money to pay for colleges because it is expensive to our financial income. I think everyone should have the right to go to college and have a good life. The government should help these students, to have one more chance to become a person better than we already are. With hopeness our country should have a president that can control it, and see how we illegal students work hard for our future. I hope you are the president who will help us and also all the country.


Sincerely,  Barbara. 

Photo Credit: Hispanically Speaking News