Lauryn C. California

Important Issues

Discussing Abortion, Gun Control, Immigration and Racism.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

I wanted to write a letter to you, showing my opinions and concerns for the upcoming years. Hopefully I will be able to show you what you could do to improve our country. I don't want to just talk about one issue when there are so many. So what I will be discussing with you in this letter will be Abortion, Gun Control, Immigration and Racism. All of these things are huge issues in our country and we must be able to prepare to defend them or cancel them completely.

To start off, Abortion is one of the top issues. Women should be able to have a choice, but within limit and reasoning. Gun Control, is another important one as well, the people that are able to control them should be able to have their rights to conceal a gun. As long as they are calm and can use it in it's importance and in a radical manner. We need to make it harder for people to be able to get guns. It should be the equivalence of getting your license, but less availability to everyone.

Immigration is such a controversial topic, so many believe strongly on wither side. What I believe to be right for our country, would be to stop letting so many people in at this moment. We need to be able to focus on our people as in the people that are already here, before we let more in. We already have too many problems and overpopulating our country will not help. Until we are able to take charge of our people and country now, then we shouldn't let more in. Racism is still a big issue to this day, we think that it doesn't exist anymore but it still does. An american is an american no matter the skin color. We all need to learn to respect each other and if people really want world peace then that is definitely one of the first steps.

I hope that some of these views will help you get a better idea on more people's standpoints. More opinions are helpful. I hope that whoever is the next president will not put our country into more debt and prosperity, and that you will help us make America live up to what it's known for.

Thank you,

Lauryn Clement

(Minarets High School Senior, 2017)