Dimitri California


I am a supporter of the second amendment.

Dear Future President,

My family and I are supporters of the second amendment, which means were allowed to keep and bear firearms. My household and close family household bears firearms for protection. I’ve Been raised around guns so from a young age I knew how respect and how to use a firearm. There were 11,208 homicides in the us caused by guns and guns were used over 2 million times in personal protection. So yes I know not everyone wasn't raised like me and 11.000 homicides is a good reason to make stricter gun law but over 2 million guns were used for self defence that's mean there also saving lives.

I know why the U.S. want more strict gun laws. They want them so the number of deaths caused by guns is lowered. The U.S. want to have more background checks on people that buy guns and ammunition. I get why they want this but I don’t fully agree. I’m also not opposed I do want them to have long background checks, yes it's more work and time but it make it a little safer for the rest of us.

If you see this I hope you make good decisions with everything you do. I want to see firearms be use in a safe and good way, to be owned by people that know what their doing. Thank you for taking the for listening to my thoughts and my opinions.


Dimitri Agundez