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Stop Abortion

This letter is about Abortion, and how abortion needs to be stopped. It also gives examples on how the government can encourage people not to get abortions.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Future President,

I believe there are too many abortions in this world that need to be stopped immediately. Studentsforlife of America reported that there are “1.1 million U.S abortions every year,” and “ nearly 1 in 4 pregnancies end in abortion.” Think about how many babies are dying a year from this, and are never given a chance to live on this earth because of their parent’s decision. Babies die each and everyday from reasons resulting in abortion.

There are many reasons that result in abortion; such as, unwanted pregnancy due to birth control failure or the parents may not have the money to provide for the child. Abortions happen everyday and can result in a lifetime of regret. One-third of women get an abortion by the age of forty-five. One-third, that is a lot of women getting abortions, but the government can do something to help.

The government can encourage people not to get abortions by “comprehensive sexuality education that includes medically accurate information about abstinence and contraception,” or “insurance coverage and public funding for family planning services.” ( As of right now that baby does not get a say in if they are going to live or not. I am pretty sure if they could live they would, but that right is being taken away from them each and everyday. I never knew how many babies were getting aborted or even thought about it until I started doing research; it is insane. Future President, I am begging you to do something about abortions. Give the baby a right to live. Do not let the parents take that child’s life. Abortions need to be stopped, and you Future President, can do something about it.  

East Wake Academy

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This is a group of students from a beginning writing class. These students are all in ninth grade.

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