Michael G. Missouri

Why abortion is needed

Abortion leaves a bad taste in many people, but many only view the down sides instead of it's uses.

    Abortion is an issue that our next United States President will have to address. I support a women's right to chose and I think we should allow abortion. 

  Many people believe that babies are already alive in the womb, but that's not true. The fetus isn't that advanced it's just a blob.  I understand if you wouldn't agree with that, but here's a fictional event that could happen any time.  Rape, one of the worst crimes, leaves many women scarred for life and some teenagers with a unborn baby.  Many individuals overlook the fact that if abortion was gone  teenagers would have a baby.  She wouldn't be able to take care of the baby, and there is a chance of the mother dying.  So you could have a dead baby and teen or an abortion to save someone's life. 

 No one likes the thought, but I ask - what would you want in the end?