Sarah P. California

Our Developing Years

Future President, please don't forget about me.

Dear Future President,

My name is Sarah Parker and I am a senior from Minarets High School, located in the Central Valley of the Sierra Nevadas. Being a senior, I will graduate in June of 2017 and begin my life on my own. These next four years are the most important years of my life, my developing years.

As I am going into college and starting an independent life, I have a few things I’d like to say. As a college student, I don't want to be going into a lot of debt afterwards or even during my education. I want an efficient, reasonably priced education for myself and everyone around me. We all have the right to a good education and shouldn't be forced into loads of student debt.

Another point as an young adult I’d like to address is jobs. As a great nation and prospering place we need jobs for everyone to contribute to society. Most students after graduating from college are carrying around debts that they don’t pay off for years. We all need jobs to pay off our debt, contribute to society and live our American Dream.

I am becoming an adult and I have responsibilities now. I am holding you accountable for your actions. I am holding you accountable for what happens in these next for years. You are responsible for how these next four years. I hope that you can make a difference in your time serving for the better.

Future President, please don’t forget about me.


Sarah Parker