Spoorthy M. California

Food is not a privilege it is a need!!!

People around the world are suffering from starvation leading to death. They deserve a fair shot at life like everyone else, to ensure this world hunger and poverty must be put to an end, and the U.S. can support the people in poverty to help them and open them up to a future filled with more hope.

Dear President, 

  When I was little I learned that sharing was important. That it was important to encourage each other and help one another out cause it was the right thing to do. Isn’t it the right thing to help others who are badly in need of food and are in poverty. The U.S. needs to help contribute more to put an end to world hunger because many people are dying or losing loved ones and food is an essential key to life. 

 First, people are dying and losing loved ones because they are living in poor circumstances and don’t have enough meals for their families. 795 million people are losing their chance at life due to poor lifestyles. The specific places in where most people are suffering from starvation is mostly in Asia, Africa, and parts of Latin America. This has a big impact on growing families, approximately 1 out of 6 infants in developing countries are born with weight that is lower than average. This can affect their health as they proceed to grow into their adult life. 

 Secondly, food should be accessible to the poor because it is necessary to live and they deserve a fair chance.One person should be drinking an average of eight 8- ounce glasses of water. Most people have to drink uncleaned water to keep themselves from dehydration. This unsanitary water could lead to a number of diseases. If the U.S. could help aid the people in poverty they could get more sanitary food and cleaner water. Most people in these countries also don’t get enough of the right nutrients that must be digested. Malnutrition, which is the lack of consuming the right nutrients, can lead to becoming underweight and it becomes easier to catch diseases which is frightening due to the condition of their eating habits.

The other side might argue that, we shouldn’t help because by aiding the poor we have no benefit or profit.There are many ways in which aiding a country in need is beneficial to the U.S.A. First of all, it makes the bonds between the two countries tighter which could help the U.S. It could also help the nation become more independent when its stabilized. It is overall the right thing to do, a humanitarian act. Helping feed the starved ones can eventually put an end to poverty and world hunger, a huge step for the economy.

In conclusion, the U.S. should contribute to further help the ones in need and food should be known as a basic need for everyone not a privilege. Most of the people in the world take many things for granted while others thank the world for every drop of clean water they can find.

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Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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