Andrew R. California

Plan for the average citizen

What is your plan for the average citizen?

What is your plan to influence the average US citizen once you have been elected to office? What do you plan to do for the hard working citizen? What do you plan to do for the average citizen who is often overlooked by the government? Each and every year, when looked at the the average citizen's eyes, the government overlooks them in support of others.

Traditionally the presidential candidates look out for as many of the people they can. However this is not been a concern in the recent elections. Much of the candidates look to gain their support from minorities and showing them support. This doesn't change the way regular citizens are going to vote for these candidates. An example of this can be seen through the creation of Obamacare. Meant for everyone, but targeted for a specific audience and consumer. Now although most presidents have done things for the average citizen they do not ever specify what their plan is throughout the campaign. Much of this is to come in later, after they have been elected.

Throughout this political campaign there has been little to no direct states to what our presidential candidates plan to do for our average citizen. They have been overlooking them in every which way. With one focusing more so on children and not what affects these children's lives. There is also another candidate focusing on immigrants without taking a look into the actual US citizens first. Another is more focused on the rich and the poor but no the ones in between. They say their plans but much of their plans don't affect a majority of the population. Shouldn't we be focused on the ninety five percent, rather than that last five percent.

What is your plan? Without a plan for the average citizen I cannot see why you would be elected. Majority of the people putting you into your place must be gaining something from your election, or you must be providing them with something. Without a plan for the average citizen, and without taking a look into the average citizen you may miss the reason you were even elected president.