Pamela California

What the People Need

My letter is about the rights that immigrants should have in the Untited States.

Dear future president,

In the United States today are many children who cross the border illegally looking for a better future, because in their country there a lot of violence or they just want to meet with their parents. I am Pamela. I am student of Locke High School. The reasons that I am writing this letter is because l want to the people know the situations the children a front crossing the border alone.

Everyday 80 to 120 children cross the border illegally, they do it for themselves. Others children are abandoned in the desert trying to cross the border. It is important because someone have to do something for their for their human rights. We need to stop the deportation to adults and children who only are trying to get away from abuse, drugs, and violence that suffer in their country and get a better life in the United States. In a part of the article “More Kids Coming In To US Illegally On Their Own” says “ Authorities caught 24,481 children in 2012 crossing the border alone”. I disagree with that because the immigrants are not criminals, they just work honestly. Is very hard to read this article because is the reality that happens everyday. Someone have to do something for their and l want to that person be you who protect them.

Another point that l want to know is that you think in their parents you don't remove their job. The job is important, they need the job to support their children or their family. The immigrants deportation it is wrong because the immigrants only want to stay for a better life that get working hard. I think that all immigrants whom live in the United States have to work even without TPC.

these are some proposals that I want you to take into your account when winning the presidency.



Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy

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ELD students at Alain LeRoy Locke High School.

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