Juan New York

Nuclear Weapons

The nuclear weapons are too dangerous for the future.

Dear Mr./Ms. President,

Every citizen hopes that their leader will make the world a safe place and create laws to protect everybody. As time has passed, weapons have become more sophisticated and advanced technologically, and much more destructive. Some of these countries use the weapons to protect their citizens, however, some weapons are too destructive. The bomb is one of the weapons that was modified to be more powerful, and by World War II a more terrific weapon was created, the nuclear bomb. The power of this weapon is insane. This bomb has potential to put end to every life on the earth. The production of the nuclear weapons increased after the first test used on humans on WWII. In U.S the quantity of nuclear bomb is 6,970 and Russia has 7,300. The total amount in the world is 15,375 (WORLD NUCLEAR WEAPON STOCKPILE). That is terrible for futures generations. It is important to take a quick actions to counter the possibility of disaster for use or create a nuclear weapon. One of principle actions that needs to be taken is to start the dismantlement of a big percent of nuclear weapons. As our new President, I think you should provide a proposal to stop producing nuclear weapons and to end bombing tests.

The contamination of radioactive substances from nuclear weapons is dangerous for the human body. It can lead to diseases like cancer and this is deadly. According to one source, “There is little doubt that radiation exposure can cause cancer. This has become clear from studies of groups such as the survivors of the atomic blasts in Japan, where the risks of certain cancers such as leukemia and thyroid cancers were higher than normal, as well as from studies of people exposed to medical radiation and in some workplace settings.” (Cancer Compensation Programs for People Exposed to Radiation as Part of Nuclear Weapons Testing). So, the eventual problems using a nuclear weapons create is the constant emission of radiation, that create serious health problems to people that live close to that area. It’s for these reasons that the nuclear weapon should be banned.

The radiation from nuclear weapons creates tremendous contamination that affect the environment. According to one source, “variability in plant and animal sensitivity to radiation can disrupt ecosystems by eliminating a food source for one animal or creating an opening for another species to flourish in exponential numbers.” (Impact of Radiation) One famous case of radiation contamination happened in Chernobyl, Russia in 1986. The land surrounding the town was destroyed about contamination from radiation. According to one source, “... Pine trees were the first type of trees to die from radiation poisoning from Chernobyl. Birch, oak and other leafy species were reported to have survived the first year of radiation exposure. Rodent populations and sensitive plants were eliminated almost immediately”.

Some might say that the invention of the nuclear bomb was a good thing because it put an end to the World War II with Japan. Japan would not accept the conditions to surrender so the atomic bomb help to not extend the war and prevented more soldiers from dying. To make Japan surrender saved me more American lives and avoided the possibilities of Japan cause more damage to military ships. But, that was a long time ago and it doesn’t mean that U.S or any other country should use atomic weapons again. The bombs used against Japan caused many innocents Japanese civilians to suffer, including many children and women,. Many suffered from radiation contamination and the environment was affected for many years preventing the plants from growing.

The prime reasons to introduce more strict laws about nuclear weapons is to create a safe place for future generations. This is important. All world leaders need to avoid a catastrophe with nuclear weapons. I feel really worried that a nuclear catastrophe will happen in the future. As our new leader I hope you convince the other leaders to stop the production of nuclear weapons.