Devyn W. New York

Dear Future President

This issue is about Global warming. I hope that you take this problem in to consideration.

Dear Future President,

 There are multiple issues in the United States such as gun control, animal testing, and college prices. But there is one that we need to focus on most, and that is Global warming. Global warming is affecting people and animals all around the world. Some of the issues that go along with global warming are its ability to permanently change our weather, the polar bears habitat is melting away, and lastly, it is affecting people’s health.

These are major concerns because people with asthma already suffer enough and could possibly die from the struggle of breathing, as it gets worse and worse. People’s health is also a concern because the pollution and gases aren’t good to breathe in. Each day it is getting worse.

The hotter it gets, the more people get sick. The heat can cause more hurricanes and droughts on farms which can cause an extinction of crops, and can cause a decrease in amounts of jobs.

Now let’s talk about the polar bears. Polar bears were recently put on the endangered list (2008) and scientists say that two thirds of the population could die this century. Global warming is affecting the polar bears' home by melting the ice in their area. Because of that, the polar bear population is decreasing.

I hope you take this problem into consideration.

Thank you,


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