Winnie C. New York

Save Polar Bears, Humans, and Earth!

This letter is about causes, effects and the solution regarding global warming.

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

Good morning, afternoon, or evening! My name is Winnie Chen. I am currently a senior at East-West School of International Studies. It is unfortunate that I cannot vote this year. But I will be sure to vote the next coming presidential election. I would like to voice my opinion by writing this letter to you, the President of the United States. As time pass, I notice more and more of issues regarding global warming. People are dying from the extreme heat, animals are losing their homes; help is required as soon as possible. I do not want anymore deaths that could have been preventable.

2016 is the hottest year in this past century. The year of 2016 has not ended. Yet! -- it is on track to being the hottest year ever! Summer felt longer than usual. The hot weather continued even after the autumn equinox. It is currently October and we still have a mix of temperatures. Some days it is hot and some days gets unbelievably cold. Due to this unpredictable weather, many people gets stricken with colds and other illnesses. The heat has caused many glaciers to melt. Thus, increasing the sea level and exposing more diseases to the area. For example, the diseases that were incorporated in the frozen ice, glaciers are now free in the air; where we breathe in. It has also caused millions of animals to lose their homes. Such as polar bears, orange-spotted file-fishes, quiver trees, adelie penguins and North Atlantic cods. Many are even in the verge of extinction. The golden toad already became extincted due to global warming.

After seeing series of news regarding global warming, I began researching the deadly outcomes that emerged because of it. Zombie disease is a very deadly disease that was brought back into society. The melting of the glaciers exposed the virus into the world once again. Even after 30,000 years frozen in ice, it is still extremely infectious. This brings forth the idea that diseases such as smallpox and other unknown, but deadly diseases are lurking around. In order to prevent further diseases being exposed to the world, I would like the government to be more active in the prevention of global warming.

I would like to suggest providing more fund for scientific research. If science institutions were provided with more financial aid, then they would be able to focus in finding the solution for global warming. For example, without aid, the science institutions would not be able to create vaccines for shingles nor chickenpox. We will all be suffering from rashes, scabs and blisters. You'll feel pain for days, months, and years. It'll be extremely itchy and you feel the burning sensation. In order to prevent any new and old diseases from emerging into the world, we would need the help from the scientists.

I believe that you, who were chosen as the President of the United States, would make the righteous choice -- by providing help to the science community. I would also like to express my gratitude for you. Thank you for reading this letter and I really hope that you would take my suggestion seriously.


Winnie Chen

East-West School of International Studies

Government - 2nd Period

East-West School of International Studies 12th Grade Government Class

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