gabe New York

Economic Problems

We need to keep the world healthy.

Dear Future President

The economy needs better energy sources to keep the world healthy. Our economy needs better fuel efficient resources like hydro power , biomass, wind, solar and the best part is it won’t cost that much to make.Its also is renewable energy so when you use it you can use it over and over.

Here is some info you might want you to see.

So there is a way that renewable energy could replace the fossil fuels we have now.

By the year 2020 wind power would be the most efficient power source there is.When that happens we could use wind power for more thing that require coal, and other resources like that.

We should use the renewable energy so that we don’t pollute the world with nasty smog and toxic air we should be saving the earth not destroying it.If we harm the planet then we harm ourselves.If we don’t harm the planet we won’t harm ourselves and it will keep the world healthier.

I just want to keep the planet healthy for me and for all the people who are on it.

by Gabriel Wilber