Alex S. New York

Nuclear Bombs

Nukes are a recipe for trouble so we should stop producing and storing nukes.

Dear Future President,

Hi. My name is Alex and I am from New York City. I want you to hear me out and listen to me. So the thing I want to address is nuclear bombs and I personally think nukes are dangerous. We currently have 7,100 nukes. Although it gives us tremendous power and status it is still dangerous. According to, having nuclear bombs encourages countries to engage in nuclear warfare with us and it could cause a lot of problems the people are going to blame on you. Also you will not be president after the next election if there is a nuclear war. For example, India, Pakistan, Israel, France, and many others have nuclear bombs so they can easily engage with nuclear warfare with U.S.

One problem with nuclear bombs is that people who survived a nuclear bomb attack have a chance of their babies being mutated. For example, babies can have a mutation like having one lung, or having 2 heads and a, number of disorders. For example, when we dropped the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki the people who survived had radiation all over them and they had gene mutations and  unborn babies  were mutated all because of the atomic bombs. And the mutations increases the chance of child death.

There are some pros of nukes, acording to it boosts our status and our country's power. Also if a country  started a war with us they would think twice before attacking us. Also it can save us from debt by selling it to other countries and trade our powerful weapons to alliances with other countries

I still believe nukes are dangerous so I will keep my stance. If you disagree you can look through my evidence and I believe my evidence is stronger than your argument. So please future president can you stop producing nuclear bombs, setting them off or keeping them in storage.

Yours truly ,



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NYC Lab Middle School

NYC Lab Middle School

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