Talon Washington

Nuclear Weapons

The next president should control other unstable countries from making and using Nuclear Weapons

Talon K.

Olympia, WA

4 November, 2016

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President:

In my eyes, nuclear weapons are a big issue around the world with unstable countries trying to make and use these powerful weapons. On a chart a number of countries have have very scary increasing numbers of nuclear weapons and the countries that are increasing their numbers are most of our enemies or un-trusted places such as Russia, North Korea and the places in the middle east.

The main problem is the unstable countries that I listed before feel very privileged somehow and want to create all of these weapons for “self defence” when in a place like North Korea they want them to show-off and to cause chaos around the world and all of that puts fear in the minds of a lot of people in the United States.

If there were no fear or question of when a potential warhead or gigantic nuke will strike than I believe that if there was no fear, or no question of that then people would not be as stressed and worried of their lives being taken. If there were no nukes AT ALL then other countries might also be a bit relaxed and maybe start to join hands with the U.S. once again.

A possible solution of this is to try invading their countries and taking them, but that would most likely result in an even bigger issue and war around the world. Another solution is placing more nation wide laws or war laws that prevent the unstable countries from making these weapons and if said countries break the laws with solid evidence then we create much more hard-hitting punishments.

If nuclear weapons became no longer an issue then people around the world be more relaxed and U.S. maybe will get long time enemies to be their allies once again. Another thing that would be rewarding is that testing these weapons and actually using them would put less smoke and gasses into the air which will put a longer life time on the ozone layer and other protective layers around the world and less smoke and gasses from the bombs would greatly lower air pollution rates all around the world.

The first thing the future president should do to fix this issue is to enforce new national laws and and make public statements on the issue. Another thing they could do is make peace with some of the untrusted places or make deals with them that will protect the country as a whole.



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