Daryl O. California

The World's Nuclear Problem

What if the world just threw away the idea of nukes?

Dear Future President,

  Hello, this is a letter about the nuclear problem of the world. The world has a nuclear problem. We have too many of them and we also have too many aimed at each other. The world should dismantle all their nuclear / thermonuclear bombs because only a small percentage of the bombs can put 2 billion lives at risk and everybody is scared of them due to them being aimed at each other. 

Only a small percentage of the bombs can put 2 billion lives at risk because of the destruction of the ozone layer and the nuclear fallout or black soot that covers the air and ground. Nuclear fallout will toxify the land and make it uninhabitable for further use. The ozone layer in the atmosphere would disintegrate and UV rays would be stronger than ever before. The world would get colder due to the black soot in the air which would lead to the ice caps to get larger. When the ice caps grow larger, it would further cool down the world due to it reflecting rays from space back out. The world would be one of the coldest than 1000 years ago. Furthermore, there is a chance that drinkable water sources will not be drinkable due to it being contaminated with bacteria or nuclear fallout from the bomb that was dropped. 2 billion lives is a bare minimum if we use even larger bombs such as hydrogen and thermonuclear bombs.

Everybody is scared of them because they are aimed at each other. With nuclear bombs constantly aiming at each other, the civilian population has a reason to be scared. One nuclear detonation can lead to another which follows into a sequence of events which evidently leads into world destruction. On both sides, we have sensors; therefore, they tell us when a nuke is coming. A comet flew by once and triggered Russia’s alarm system. Luckily, they didn’t fire their nuclear bombs. We can just remove these tensions and worries by just collaborating together to dismantle them.

You might say that they are used for defensive purposes because other countries might pose a threat to you. That might be true in some cases, but that doesn’t explain what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Two nuclear bombs were dropped there and everything was flattened as well as people being turned into dust.

To conclude, the world’s supply of nuclear weapons is far too much and should be dismantled to avoid a risk of nuclear war and full out destruction of planet Earth.


Daryl O.

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Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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