Nephtaly A. California

Nuclear War

My letter on Nuclear Warfare


Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

My name is Nephtaly Adrian, and I am a tenth grader at East Village High School, who is just concerned about the fact that within our next ten years, there might be a war that decides the fate of the world. This nuclear warfare, surely won’t leave behind victor who will rise from the ashes of the fallen civilizations and be able to thrive. Save that delusion for Hollywood. What I am trying to say is that this war will surely be the end of the of our world.

To the human race, war has always been a way to start over, to move forward and strive to be the best society one can be. For example during WW2, Germany had a huge economic crisis that they just didn’t really seem to be able to recover from, but when Hitler came along blaming the Jewish community, and sentencing millions of them to death for nothing, he was voted into power His actions that followed were inhumane and unforgivable. Even after the war, Germany still lost the war and its people, they were able to rebuild their society and create a better one that prospered within its government, and economy, now holding the title of one of the top dogs economically.

According to the New York Times article, “The Lack of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth” by Tyler Cowen ( countries actually benefit from major wars because it pushes many national companies to actually mass produce products to sell, to fund their war cost. Some countries actually need the war to help societies push their economic decline up and maintain their status within their economy, and help even out competition between nations. Also according to NYTimes war, sometimes have positive effects in countries since it can provide the nation with hundreds even thousands of new jobs, but since death rates in battlegrounds have gone down, not a lot of jobs are available to the majority of the population.

I personally believe that this world benefits from war as much as it hurts from it. If it wasn’t for war,many of our modern societies wouldn’t exist today. If it wasn’t for war, the race for better technology wouldn’t have taken place and our transportation wouldn’t be as advanced. If it wasn’t for war, our world would be way more over-populated and probably at the edge of extinction.

According to the article “7 Biggest Pros and Cons of Nuclear Weapons,” nuclear weapons actually help stabilize countries that have a huge amount of warhead stocked, and reduces the risk of war. With huge amounts of warheads stocked piled, it pushes military to reduce provocative activities that can cause a major war, and it also provides job openings within the country and military, cause the warheads need to be maintained almost every day to make sure that it’s not leaking radiation, or has other problems. Countries that have nuclear warheads, always rely on negotiation, with other countries to reduce the possibility to start a major war with another nuclear nation like Russia, China, USA, or North Korea. Nuclear weapons also give countries a sense of self-respect since they have the power to destroy an entire city.

The cons of having nuclear weapons is that even though it can provide job openings for many, it comes at a risk since, it need hours of maintenance and it cost a lot to stock them. Some countries that have nuclear warheads, get to full of power that they feel that they have the right to ignore other countries and threaten to attack with a nuclear warheads. This threats sometimes, get to the heads of many armies that it actually reduces the morals of the government, soldiers, and people to rise against the country. Having nuclear warheads also comes with a risk since if one is unstable and goes off it can kill possibly millions, another risk is that they are more targeted by other national powers.

In the article “Why we must rid the world of Nuclear Weapons” by Eric Schlosser (The Guardian) states that nuclear weapons force world leaders to restrict themselves from committing reckless actions that might harm their nation. This article also states that many world leader end up creating unstable nuclear weapons that can accidently go off.

Although I see the historical benefits of war, I know nuclear warfare would mean the end of the world as we know it. We all know that a single nuclear bomb has temperatures that are higher than that of the surface of the sun, that can vaporize someone within milliseconds, and destroy countries within minutes. For those who are lucky to survive the bombing, will be left behind without the proper equipment to deal with the radiation that will be left in the atmosphere after the bombing, and that radiation lingers in the air for at least 14 weeks until it reaches 0.01% of the fallout. If a country survives the initial attack through nuclear bombing, that country will have to deal with the aftermath of picking up their war torn country, but due to the destruction, they won’t be able to rise their country meaning the lose of a country that could have become a world power.

As a Latino, I care about the future of the U.S.A. I don’t care what the Tea Party Republicans may say about us, but being Latino doesn’t mean that we don’t care about the US. I personally want to join the Special Forces in order to keep on protecting the Freedom of our country. The Tea Party Republicans might say let’s make “America great again” but what they doesn’t understand is that our country is already Great, a lot greater than it used to be, if it weren’t for the diversity in this country, we wouldn’t have our “liberty” as free citizens. And also the Tea Party Republicans, when you say “let’s make America Great Again” ya’ll better mean it, because America isn’t only the US, but the whole entire continent.

Finally I reach my conclusion: dear Mr. or Mrs. future president, the reason I chose this topic is because it concerns all of us, so I just hope you lead us into the right direction. I ask of you, Mr. or Mrs. President, to at least try to make an alliance with every single one of your enemies and have peace with every nation, or to at least engage in war that doesn’t include nuclear weapons.


Nephtaly Adrian