Jessica R. Texas

Why we shouldn't have standardized testing

Persuasive letter to the next President to abolish standardized testing.

Do you want kids and young adults to be under a lot of pressure? Do you want kids to stress if they will go to the next grade or not? Would you like to take a test that determines your future, as little as a third grader? Mr./Madam President there is a big problem in Texas that you need to address. In Texas it is required to have a standardized test called the STAAR test.

This test is taken at the end of the year and covers everything they have learned that school year. If the students do not pass this test , they will have to be held back or be put in special classes to help them understand that subject more. This takes away classes art, spanish, theatre, and yearbook. So they could be learning new things but instead they are learning things that they have already learned.

Since we have started testing students, the students have so much more stress. Though teachers try to help as much as they can, they haven’t seen that years test either. Each grade will test on different subjects, but all test math and language arts.

Some parents will opt their children out of the STAAR because their kids stress to much. Each year more and more parents will take their children out of school for the week so they don’t have to take the test.

Congratulations on your win. You are very important to our government. I know you will make our nation amazing.

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Cedar Valley Middle School

Ms. Collins' students

These are the wonderful ideas of my 8th grade students and their advice to the next President of the United States.

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