Kaden W. Texas

Why we MUST destroy drugs

Persuasive Letter to the next President to change society and help get rid of the dangerous drugs that hurt our community.

Dear future president,

I am sending this letter to stop one major problem in our community now, drug abuse.

Mr/Madam President, sign legislation that will end drug abuse. Drugs kill too many people every year and lead to an increase in crime and poverty.

Drugs kill at least 570,000 people a year with the chemicals and the amount the people use every year. Many people get addicted to drugs after the first blow and get diseases and cancer from all the drugs they use and with the drug use and the decrease in the population mostly in the U.S the population will die out and we may not be able to fix that problem if it actually happens, we may never know if it may happen but so it doesn’t happen we need to stop drug abuse so the companies that make the cigarettes don’t hurt anymore lives so we can save people and their families.

Now i know many people say that it doesn’t ruin many lives I believe that to be one hundred percent false. The U.S is a big populated state and many people are dying because of the drugs. Many say that they are good because the companies get a lot of money for the state, but, that’s the problem. The more money the more they sell drugs to the people that means more and more cigarettes are being made and many people are going for the drugs ruining their lives.

But that isn’t the only problem. With the drug abuse this increases their ways with crime and poverty. When a person smokes and is very addicted to any drug it makes them want more and it makes them do drug deals, rob people, rob banks, and buy more and more drugs. With the drugs making them want to do this and making them do this they won’t be able to get a job, house or even a one star apartment, they won’t be able to get a job because they might have a criminal record and they won’t be able to get the job and without a job they won’t have any money to get a house or any food, the will be stuck with the cancerous drugs and the diseases that are stuck with them for the rest of their lives.

So with the population going down and the robberies getting more common it’s ruining the united states and the countries around it, but with you mister/misses president I want you to be their for us to help get rid of drugs to save lives and the earth so we can live on for generations with a drug free life, so the children, teens, and the adults live on for a good healthy life and make all schools teach the children about the drugs and how they ruin lives but how they can help save the community and the people around them.

Thank you

Sincerely, Kaden W

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Cedar Valley Middle School

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