Chai B. Texas

Why we should end mandatory signup for the selective service

Persuasive letter to the next President to end mandatory signup for the selective service.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

Congratulations on your winning! It was a though fight, but I am glad you came out on top. I would like to talk about the selective service. Selective service is a program which is feared by men within the ages of 18-25. These men have to live with the burden of knowing they may be deported to go fight a war. Usually only ½ the men make it back unharmed. This means that the fallen men’s families will have to live with the country’s bad decision. The idea of being deceased gives many men depression. This depression results in suicidal thoughts, which is why people between the ages from 18-26 have the highest suicide rate. Mr./ Madame president, registration for the selective service should not be required because it causes suicide and ruins families.

Suicide is a very big problem around the world. Men from the ages 18-25 have the highest suicide rate and I believe that is because of the selective service. People get scared about selective service. Selective service ruins people’s thoughts and makes them think about the alternatives. The only alternative is death, so the avoid attempter commits suicide.

Family is the most important factor of belonging in the world. People can have everything in the world, but they will never be satisfied until they have a family to care for/ about them. Selective service is also nerve wrecking for a family, because if a family member is chosen, the family may have to suffer the passing of the young. This breaks apart families in many ways.

Selective service may help the government feel more secure. In my mind, security does not make up for the lives of hundreds of people who were fallen on duty. These days, people Based on these, Mr. or Madame president, I request you to change the mandatory part of the registration.

Yours Truly,

Chai B. 8th grader at Cedar Valley Middle School

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Cedar Valley Middle School

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