Medha K. Texas

Why We Must Legalize Marijuana

Persuasive letter to the next President advocating for the legalization of Marijuana.

Dear Mr./Madame President,

Imagine cancer patients who don’t know if they’re going to live or not. Imagine patients and people who cannot prevent or cure the Glaucoma eye disease. A very important issue in our country is the legalization of Marijuana. Sign a law that makes Marijuana legal because it helps stop and prevent cancer and other diseases, as well as stop people from getting addicted to other more harmful drugs. Since this plant is illegal, many patients cannot use Marijuana since their doctors cannot subscribe it to them. This should change.

Marijuana can help raise cancer patients’ appetite, which will enable them to eat, giving them a chance to live. It can soothe pain and stop epileptic seizures from happening. Marijuana can also lower your blood pressure, calm panic attacks, protect your brain and more. Marijuana has many uses in the medical department. Making it legal will be much more helpful.

Many people may say that Marijuana is dangerous to your health, but there is no proven research that Marijuana hurts your lungs. Smoking Marijuana is less harmful than drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco. People also think Marijuana is just something you can smoke and take pills of. That is wrong- Marijuana is a plant that has many medical uses.

Another good thing about Marijuana is that it helps people get off of other more harmful drugs. When people smoke Marijuana, they slowly quit more harmful habits such as drinking alcohol, meth, cocaine, and smoking tobacco. These dangerous habits are much more harmful to your health. A benefit is that there is no proven research that Marijuana hurts your lungs.

In conclusion, legalize Marijuana. Many cancer students will seek a new more easy way to deal with their cancer. People will be able to feel more calm and have a healthier alternative to drinking alcohol and tobacco. Marijuana is a plant that should not be illegal in our country.


Medha K.

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