AditiC Texas

Pollution Control

Dear future president, The Earth is the only place we have to live, and I don’t think we are taking the best care we should take to our only planet that supports life (that we know of). We are hurting the planet and almost all the other life on Earth by pollution, no matter what type. All types of pollution put together in the whole world claim more than 9 million lives each year alone, according to The World Health Organization (WHO). Pollution is currently changing the world, and not in a good way. Global warming is melting our ice caps and raising the sea level. High levels of CO2 are making our oceans acidic and threatening all salt-water life. Burning fossil fuels contribute to 58% of all CO2 emissions, and that causes ice caps to melt and global sea levels to rise. On the north pole and in Antarctica, animals are also losing their habitats due to frequent ice melts. I believe the solution is that we use mainly renewable resources such as solar energy, wind, geothermal, and biomass. Even if we can’t immediately change our sources of energy, I think we should limit car production and encourage people to use bikes and other ways of non-pollution transportation. It would also encourage people to go outside and exercise to get to places. I also think it should be a worldwide effort, because if California started this reduced-pollution plan, then they would still be bombarded by pollution from China or some other place. However, some people have to go to places that are far away. There should be buses that take people to many different offices so there are not many different cars going to the same place. It would also reduce traffic and emissions from cars. The fare would be low and affordable since fuel for one bus doesn't cost as much. For kids who live within 2 miles, I think that carpooling and riding bikes would be good. For kids that live more than 2 miles away, buses would be provided. I hope that you take these ideas into consideration and put them into action. The Earth is the only place we have to live and I want it to be in best condition.