Joey Colorado

Pollution Our World's Sickness

This letter talks about pollution and how it is slowly killing our Earth through multiple forms. If action stays stagnant about this situation then we could have serious problems.

Dear Madame/Mr. President:

There is a terrible problem that is affecting not only America but the World. If this problem continues it has the potential to end the existence of humanity itself. The problem the World shares is pollution. I used to think of the world being a nice and clean place, but now I am starting to realize how much of a mess the previous humans before us left for future generations to take care of. There is no reason humans should put out this much pollution. I definitely believe we should take steps now instead of later to make the world a better place.

Pollution in our oceans is a huge problem affecting a huge number of aquatic animals lives. As the human population builds on Earth we need to find better ways to get rid of our trash instead of throwing it in the ocean. We are bringing unnatural substances to an ecosystem where it does not belong. Great reefs are dying due to all the terrible things we put in the water.

Air pollution is another big problem that humans are causing that over time will have detrimental effects on the world's living conditions. A mix of solid particles and gases built up in our atmosphere and can be dangerous to the health of living things by potentially being poisonous. Air pollution is now starting to get linked with causing lung cancer.

The pollution that humans create is causing global warming which is so awful for our earth. I say this with great emphasis, that if we don't do something now our history will be pretty bleak. Effects of global warming are already happening animals are disappearing and going extinct, the ice caps melting, our storms are getting stronger, and the sea level has started to rise faster than ever before in the last century.

The things happening on this earth should not be happening yet. The world should not naturally be at this stage in its life but humans are causing the planet to die. Pollution in all of its forms Are overall causing major harm to our planet and if we don't start taking steps now to change the world we may be left without a world to live in.



Wheat Ridge HS

Composition for the College Bound English

Twelfth graders in Colorado

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