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Why Air pollution is a problem in the United States

Air pollution is a big problem in the United States and its killing millions of people.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Air pollution is something you need to address in the United States. Air pollution is a serious matter because it is killing millions of people in the world every year. In order to make progress we should focus on technology development and climate change on multiple levels. Effort needs to be made to help reduce global emissions, increase renewable energy sources and to update water quality criteria laws by using an integrated system, so this problem does not continue to get worse.

A significant cause of air pollution in the United States is from carbon emissions. According to the article, “National and Subnational Efforts, Rather than International Agreements”, by editor Debra A. Miller, “currently the only treaty that we have to reduce global carbon emissions is the Kyoto Protocol. The United States refuses to take part in the ineffective treaty. A more effective solution would be to use the Bottom Up processes.” This allows countries to decide independently how much to reduce emission and has already proven to be effective. Miller writes, “Bottom-up processes have so far produced actual results…” Carbon emissions continue to pollute the air, therefore, we need to put more emphasis on reducing global carbon emissions with a more effective approach, the bottom up processes.

Another area of concern is ocean acidification. Implementing The Clean Water Act will work to counter the decreasing pH levels of the ocean caused by acidification. If no change is made we could suffer irreversible damage. Kate Holloran states in her article titled, “The Clean Water Act”, that “...the effects would ripple throughout the commercial realm, impacting the fishing and tourism industries.” The center for Biological Diversity is requesting the United States Environmental Protection agency to update the water quality criteria laws. A managed ocean acidification needs an integrated system. That is why we need the Clean Water Act to decrease air pollution.

Other people say that the government shouldn’t be the only group protecting the environment, because they believe both the government and businesses should be involved with protecting the environment. From the article “National and Subnational Efforts, Rather than International Agreements, Are the Best Way to Address Global Warming” by editor Debra A. Miller. “There is currently not nearly enough public and private investment” in improving the environment. While some people think both groups have a role, only the government should take a role in changing this issue because only the government can make really big decisions about moving factories and trying to promote more electric cars.

The government needs to help this situation of air pollution. The government should be involved with helping air pollution because, as previously mentioned, the government is the one that can make big decisions with helping the environment. If the government takes on this task then maybe they can work to help reduce global carbon emissions. The government should work to decrease air pollution in the United States and not leave it to individuals or companies.

Air pollution is not going away and is a big problem with devastating effects. You and our government should really try to decrease air pollution that's happening in the United States. Focus should be given to global carbon emissions and ocean acidification.

Yours truly,

Ava B. 

Glenbrook Middle School

Grade 7 English Language Arts

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