Connor L. Minnesota

Global Warming

Global Warming is a problem we need to solve.

I am a young American who is very concerned about the future of our planet and its resources. I understand that Donald Trump believes that global warming is not caused by humans and that we should focus more allowing businesses to grow today than restricting them with hard regulations to conserve the environment for tomorrow. To do this he wants to shut down the Paris agreement. I am 18 years old and I understand that there are many everyday resources that will run out if we don't stop our rate of consumption, or think of an alternative solution. For example, I know that many people say that finding fresh water will become the biggest issue to solve in my lifetime. And yet the president of possibly the most influential country in the world does not believe that humans are what is causing this disaster. There is proven scientific facts that prove that human's pollution and abuse of the Earth's resources is what is causing global warming and other environmental issues.  We can't just ignore these facts. Eventually, we are going to need to confront these issues head on. Having a slight economic decline because of environmental regulations on corporations sounds a lot better, than the potential of my future kids not having clean water to survive. I do not think we should shut down organizations such as the Paris Agreement, instead, I think we should promote organizations like this in order to solve these environmental issues.