Aniesa A. Colorado

Syrian Refugees fleeing to the U.S.

Syrian refugees needing to find safety in order to live there lives in peace.

Dear Madame/Mr. President

Refugees have suffered for many years being abused, being injured and facing many life changing events that have scarred and mentally impacted their daily life drastically. I truly believe that Syrian Refugees are not getting the treatment they initially deserve. Our country as a whole should be able to come at ease with letting refugees into the U.S. because not all Refugees are harmful to our country. Some might think allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. is a horrible idea because of higher population and terrorist attacks. However, others have the belief that Syrian refugees have every right to flee to somewhere safe. Syrian refugees are fleeing the same terrorist who threaten our country and are trying to find protection. This is why I strongly urge you to let Syrian refugees into the U.S. albeit under strict circumstances.

Being a country with so much pride and liberty, some Syrian refugees flee to the U.S. hoping to obtain the same lifestyle as an American with security, freedom, and equality. America has impacted so many lives for Syrian refugees. Some have creative minds and beautiful ideas for what they want to accomplish in the future. Our nation has all the power in the world to deny or accept Syrian refugees into our country. By accepting Refugees into our country it allows them to create a future for themselves and for their families who have suffered and seen so many unimaginable things in there life. For instance, a man from Syria who is currently in Istanbul Turkey wants nothing more than a stable lifestyle for him and his family. This man who has no bad intentions coming into America has so many fascinating ideas such as his inventions for electricity, also a device that can detect an earthquake weeks before it happens and many more.This man and his family are soon going to be living in Michigan where they finally get to live there life, in safety.

As Americans we believe that everybody has rights and equality but some Americans don't believe that Syrian refugees have rights to be in America. One reason for this is people believe, erroneously, that Syrian refugees can bring any kind of disease into our country that most Americans don't want to obtain. Another reason is housing and the amount of jobs being taken away from Americans. Furthermore some would argue that Syrian Refugees soon can lead to terrorist attacks in the inner cities of America.These stereotypes on Syrian refugees soon leads to the way they are getting mistreated in America. Although people are going to stereotype not all Syrian refugees are terrorist.

With all of this being said, there are solutions that the U.S. can do to make the lives of people back in Syria worth living. Some solutions we can offer is food, water and shelter as well as creating more refugee camps and even donating clothing, and other necessities that some refugees may need. Syrian refugees are not bad human beings, they are human. We are human. We are all the same, but in some ways have different beliefs. Therefore Syrian refugees should have the right to be admitted into the United States or at least provided with opportunities to make a better living for their future and for their families.



Wheat Ridge HS

Composition for the College Bound English

Twelfth graders in Colorado

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