Carl V. Colorado


We need to control Terrorism once and for all

Dear Future President:

Terrorism, a huge issue in today's world that has had Americans scared for their lives since 1920. This is when the first terrorist attack occurred September 16 1920 in New York City, a TNT bomb was planted in a unattended horse carriage killing 35 people.

Since then there have been multiple attacks on the U.S and nothing has changed. We the people are scared; now with I.S.I.S, and threats from North Korea how do we know we are safe? There are a lot of ways we as Americans and you as the future president of the United States can help and allow Americans to feel safe again.

First, I believe we should have more security in big cities as they are the ones being targeted in the main terrorist crimes. This would allow a way to monitor suspicious activity, and showcase the power we have. Next, I believe we should try our hardest as a country to come to peace with Middle Eastern Countries. By doing so we can show we mean no harm and are willing to unite for the better. This would cause we as Americans to feel less in danger and more confident in living everyday life without fear.

All in all Mr/ Mrs. President I ask that we come together to create peace and assure we the people of America we can live everyday life without being scared that a bomb will go off at any second and cause harm to our nation.


Carl V.

Wheat Ridge HS

Composition for the College Bound English

Twelfth graders in Colorado

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