Kathryn L. Michigan

Time to Switch Our Energy Sources

We are slowly destroying our earth with pollution, so why not stand up and make a change to fix it.

    Hello Mr/Mrs President! How’s the job treating you so far? Don't stress out too much about it, even though it’s a huge deal because of how many lives are in your hands that depend on you. But hey good luck! Anyways, my names Kathryn, I'm from a city in Michigan and just got into ninth grade, but that doesn't matter! What I'm going to get across to you today is how horrible our decisions have been to get energy for the US. I believe we need a change. A clean change. Wind power, solar power and hydroelectricity I believe are the best choices for getting clean energy.

    People today complain so much on how global warming is going to end this world, but no one takes it into consideration how we can help and prevent it. The worst state in the USA for air pollution is California. These studies come from an article from stateoftheair.org. Multiple cities as in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Bakersfield, Fresno-Madera, ect. all have had high levels of air pollution. These consist of ozone pollution, year round particle pollution and short term particle pollution. Ozone pollution affects the greenhouse gases which makes the air around a city or even state/country warmer. Year round particle pollution and short term particle pollution are self explanatory.

    Some statistical facts and differences of the different sources of energy will be in this paragraph. Every paper needs statistics to be true/sound important! Nitrogen emits .6 to 2 pounds of carbon dioxide, coal between 1.4 and 3.6 pounds while the opposing is for wind, .02 to .04 pounds, solar being .07 to .2 and hydroelectricity being .1 to .5 pounds of carbon dioxide being let into the atmosphere. All of this information comes from en.reset.org.

    The reason switching over to this type of energy is important because of how bad global warming is seemingly getting. Everyone worries over it yet we continue our daily lives not even thinking that what we do only helps it get worse. We can’t completely fix it, but we can help prevent it from getting any worse. At least here, because if we can start now then hopefully we can convince other countries. Humans only have so long before they die, so why don’t we take a step forward. Starting with you and your decisions, the whole U.S.A can make a difference.



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