Emilie S. Texas


Pollution is destroying our planet and we need to make a change.

Dear Future President,

Our country especially and most of Canada has been facing a very pressing issue; The environment is being polluted. It’s becoming very serious and is promoting climate change. To stop this, we should start more programs that encourage the use of clean energy sources. After we start to face the problem, we’ll stop killing our planet.

Many people don’t believe climate change exists, although there is scientific evidence of it. Air pollution, such as water vapor, methane, and carbon dioxide, has been trapped in the atmosphere, thus creating a warming of our planet. Sometimes this can be a good thing, Greenhouse gasses keep the earth from getting colder, making it easier for humans to survive, but recently, We have been releasing too much carbon dioxide, more than has been produced in the last 650,000 years. The Earth’s average temperature has been increasing more rapidly than ever before and The United States has been the 2nd leading country in putting out CO2. I understand if it isn’t your top priority to save our planet, but even just the slightest bit of help could grant us sustainability to live for more centuries to come.

Pollution is harmful to not only humans but animals and plants too. If we want to keep our Earth alive for thousands of more years, we need to take action and reduce how much greenhouse gasses we are putting in the air. We need more organizations like WWF to encourage the use of recycling, using electric cars, to quit smoking, etc. Americans are too oblivious to the fact we are ruining all organic life. We should be starting more programs for clean energy use and creating a safer environment for future generations to come. 


Emilie S.