D.A. Colorado


Immigrants should be respected, while the criminals should be deported.

Dear next President,

Immigration has been a problem for some people, but for others, it has been a miracle. Since the incident of September 11th, people haven’t trusted people from other countries. Most people think of immigrants as drug smuggling aliens. Some Americans call these people racists, when really, it’s those people that are the racists. Most of the 11 million immigrants in the U.S. are here for a better life and/or job.

People are complaining because immigrants are taking the low wage jobs, and that people without jobs cannot get a job at all because of this, but they don’t do anything that benefits both. Something that we can do is allow the immigrants to go to college and get degrees so they can get better jobs and allow the people without jobs to be able to be hired.

This still doesn’t fix the issues. What we can do is add more border control so people can perform extensive background checks so that criminals or people trying to smuggle drugs can’t do that. We should only deport people that are major criminals, not people that are just minor criminals. Some people don’t do anything wrong, kind of like a “wrong place, wrong time” situation, but still get deported because some people only care about Americans and not immigrants.

I think that’s it, I just think that immigrants should be treated fairly and like fellow Americans instead of being treated like aliens in our country.