Noah Michigan

A Preventable Crisis

A look into the number of people being allowed to enter the the country coming from refugee areas in Europe.

Dear Future President,

For over the past year there have been several consistent headlines in the news. One of these ever popular headlines is, the refugee crisis in Europe and more countries currently. As a current student watching what is happening with the refugee crisis, I am very concerned.

According to the New York Times the number of refugees being accepted into the US is being increased by about 30,000 people this year. The new acceptance number, 100,000 people per year is considerably up from that of the previous 70,00 people per year. This is a step in the right direction for humanities acceptance and caring about one another. As President Obama said, “ This step… is keeping with the best tradition of America as a land of second chances…”.

However, only raising the number by 30,000 is not doing quite enough. By limiting the number of refugees allowed, it is, in a way, condemning thousands to death and hardship when it is preventable. Other countries are accepting a considerable number more than the USA. As a country we need to follow the lead set by the European countries. We have the capability to provide aid and shelter to these hurting refugees. We also have the land space that is needed to relocate such a large number of people. Since we have this capability the number of refugees accepted into the US needs to be raised so we do not alienate the refugees and the countries who are sheltering them currently.

In the process of accepting more people seeking refuge we follow the lead set by other countries and by our forefathers. The USA has always been a safe haven during its existence; from its split from Great Britain in the 1700s to the 1900s when thousands relocated from Europe. I hope that you consider accepting an even greater number in future.

Good Luck,


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